Mack Anthem™ is Right for Bulk-Haul Applications

October 12, 2017


GREENSBORO, NC (Oct. 11, 2017) – Mack Trucks highlighted the newly introduced Mack Anthem during 2017 Tank Truck Week Oct. 10-12 at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center in New Orleans. Combining efficiency- and productivity-boosting enhancements with weight-conscious options, the newly introduced Mack Anthem features an all-new exterior design with optimized aerodynamics to help improve fuel efficiency and new driving and sleeping environments to increase driver comfort and productivity.

The all-new Mack Anthem™ combines efficiency- and productivity-boosting enhancements with weight-conscious options to deliver the right combination for tanker and bulk-haul customers

The Mack Anthem is available in several configurations, including a Day Cab, an all-new 48-inch Flat Top Sleeper, and an all-new 70-inch Stand-Up Sleeper.

“Bulk-haul customers require a unique set of specs for their applications,” said Stu Russoli, Mack highway product manager. “They need performance and efficiency to deliver their loads, plus all-day comfort to keep their drivers fresh. The Anthem delivers on all of these, while also offering options to further improve productivity.”

The Mack 6x2 Liftable Pusher Axle is available on Mack Anthem models, which monitors trailer weight and adjusts the truck’s driveline configuration to boost fuel efficiency without impacting performance. The system utilizes sensors in the rear suspension to determine payload and either lift or lower the foremost rear axle.

When an empty load is detected, the axle lifts, allowing the tractor to operate as a 4x2 for less drag, increasing fuel efficiency from 3 to 5 percent. Another benefit is increased tire life by up to 20 percent, which helps lower maintenance costs. For full loads, the same axle is lowered to provide additional stability and distribution of the trailer’s weight. The 6x2 Liftable Pusher Axle saves up to 400 pounds of weight compared to a typical 6x4 configuration.

Mack’s 6x2 Liftable Pusher Axle also includes an Automatic Standby Mode that eliminates the need for the driver to manually push buttons to initiate standby mode. Mack added rear air disc brakes as an option to its 6X2 liftable pusher offer.

Mack Anthem models are available with Mack’s 13-liter MP®8 engine, which provides up to 505 horsepower and 1,860 lb.-ft. of torque. Weight-conscious customers can spec the 11-liter Mack MP7 engine to save approximately 400 pounds without compromising on power.

“The GHG2017 Mack MP7 engine is rated up to 425 horsepower and 1,560 lb.-ft. of torque,” said Russoli. “That’s 13-liter power with the fuel efficiency and weight benefits of an 11-liter engine, a perfect combination for bulk-haul applications.”

The 12-speed Mack mDRIVE automated manual transmission is standard on Anthem models. The mDRIVE, which is fully integrated with Mack MP engines, uses a number of sensors to measure grade, load, speed and other variables to maximize performance and fuel efficiency by automatically selecting the best gear for conditions.

The 13-speed Mack mDRIVE HD is also available as an option and provides and additional creeper gear for improved startability while maintaining highway fuel efficiency.

All Mack mDRIVE AMTs are available with Easy Shift, a shift program that revises the mDRIVE’s shift strategy to reduce load shifting through smoother launches and less aggressive shifting.

Mack Load Logic is also available for mDRIVE-equipped diminishing-load applications to help improve performance and efficiency. Load Logic integrates an advanced sensor in the rear suspension with the Mack mDRIVE AMT. The mDRIVE operates as a direct drive transmission whenever a full payload is detected, locking out 12th gear for increased performance and pulling power. When an empty trailer is detected, the transmission switches to overdrive, enabling 12th gear to lower cruise RPMs and maximize fuel efficiency.

Load Logic must be spec’d in conjunction with Mack’s efficiency-focused Super Econodyne® package and provides up to an additional 1 percent improvement in fuel efficiency on top of Super Econodyne’s up to 4 percent improvement.

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