Predictive Cruise Control now standard on Kenworth T680

June 27, 2018


KIRKLAND, Wash., June 27, 2018 – Kenworth’s Predictive Cruise Control system becomes standard on the Kenworth T680 on-highway flagship beginning July 1.

Kenworth Predictive Cruise Control combines GPS with cruise control to deliver enhanced fuel economy. The system uses topographical GPS data inputs to aid cruising speed efficiency. As the truck enters certain types of terrain, such as rolling hills, the system modulates cruising speed to optimize performance. For example, as the truck ascends and crests a hill, Kenworth Predictive Cruise Control will allow the vehicle speed to drop slightly below the set cruise speed. This boosts fuel economy since the truck is now using momentum instead of fuel to maintain set cruise speed.

“The T680 equipped with Kenworth Predictive Cruise Control system provides opportunities for enhanced driveability and fuel economy through the fine-tuning of the engine’s modulation of speed and torque over a variety of actual driving conditions,” said Kurt Swihart, Kenworth marketing director.

The T680 is standard with the proprietary PACCAR Powertrain, which features the 12-speed PACCAR transmission. In addition to integration with predictive cruise control, the PACCAR transmission provides predictive shifting, which optimizes gear shift selections based on vehicle weight, engine torque, throttle and grade position. Predictive neutral coast uses GPS to shift into neutral on downhill grades to further reduce engine RPM and fuel usage, while using gravity and momentum to propel the truck forward.

Kenworth’s Predictive Cruise Control functionality is also available as an option for the Kenworth T880.

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