RoadLife Shows What it Takes to Keep NASCAR Racing

July 24, 2018


GREENSBORO, NC (July 24, 2018) – Mack Trucks today released the third episode of its RoadLife series, “New Blood,” on and Amazon Prime Video. Featuring Bubba Wallace, the rookie driver for the iconic Richard Petty Motorsports 43 car, NASCAR Hall of Famer Richard Petty and veteran drivers who deliver the critical gear needed for each race, the episode focuses on the extreme coordination required to keep NASCAR racing.

“The thing about racing is that it’s not just a driver, it’s not just a racecar, it’s not just a pit crew,” said Petty, who also owns the number 43 team. “It’s takes a combination of people and organization to pull the program together.”

Tony Fripp, one of NASCAR’s hauler drivers, transports the television production equipment required to broadcast each of the 36 races during the season. He works closely with his colleagues to make sure everything is ready to go.

“When the race ends, we’ll go in and tear down all the caution lights and inspection equipment for the NASCAR technology trailer, then we’ll begin teardown on the things that go into the trailer I haul,” Fripp said. “It’s just a tight bond. We’re always together: on the road, eating, rooming.”

Jeff “Cowboy” Icenhour drives the 43 team hauler from track to track, making sure the most important race equipment – the race car – is on time. It’s a responsibility he takes seriously.

“There’s lots of truck drivers, but there’s only 43 of us,” Icenhour said. “It’s something I take pride in, and I do my best to represent the company well when I’m on the road.”

Mack Trucks released “New Blood,” the third episode of its RoadLife series on and Amazon Prime Video.

“New Blood” is available now on and Amazon Prime Video. In addition, viewers can access RoadLife bonus content on Mack Trucks’ social channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube.

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