Robert Dierks Wins the Minimizer #RespectTheDriver Promotion

August 30, 2018


(Blooming Prairie, Minn. August 30, 2018) – Robert Dierks had a big smile on his face after seeing his prize for the first time, and it's not hard to understand why.

Dierks is the lucky winner of the Minimizer #RespectTheDriver promotion, meaning he takes home a limited edition Jack Daniels Indian Chieftain Motorcycle.

"I never imagined (winning this bike)," Dierks said. "I had no idea buying Minimizer products would lead to having something like this."

Minimizer ran the promotion for six months, through the end of March and received hundreds of entries.

Dierks purchased his Minimizer products from Bells & Whistles Chrome Shop in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

"We're super excited for Robert," Minimizer Director of Marketing Steve Hansen said. "It's not often we give away a bike that's one of only 100 made."

"I'll be noticed wherever I go, that's for sure," Dierks said. "I've never felt one like this, and I've been on a lot of bikes."

Oklahoma trucker Robert Dierks sits on his Limited Edition Jack Daniels Indian Chieftain Motorcycle for the first time.

Dierks' motorcycle is numbered 60 of 100.

"I am so happy. I almost want to give up truck driving. Almost," Dierks said, laughing.

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