Mack Trucks Builds 100,000th Truck with GuardDog® Connect

July 11, 2019


GREENSBORO, NC (July 10, 2019) – Mack Trucks reached a significant milestone in its connected truck journey by building the 100,000th truck equipped with its Mack® GuardDog® Connect integrated telematics solution. Mack GuardDog Connect, which was first launched in 2014, is a proactive diagnostic and repair planning solution that monitors a truck’s critical fault codes that could lead to unplanned downtime, and is also the enabling technology for Mack Over The Air remote software and parameter updates.

“From its launch with truck number one to now reaching 100,000 trucks, Mack GuardDog Connect has proven itself to be an incredible tool to protect and maximize our customers’ uptime,” said Jonathan Randall, Mack Trucks senior vice president, North American sales and marketing. “We’re proud to have reached this milestone and look forward to continuing to build on our uptime leadership with GuardDog Connect.”

Unplanned downtime events result in lost productivity, which can be one of the most significant costs heavy-duty trucking customers face. To help reduce unplanned downtime, Mack GuardDog Connect proactively monitors a truck’s critical fault codes that could lead to unplanned de-rate or shut down situations.

If a potential issue is detected, GuardDog Connect sends a notification to Mack OneCall™ agents at the 24/7 Mack Uptime Center. In many cases, this action takes place before a driver realizes there is a potential problem. OneCall experts quickly diagnose the issue and, based on its severity, determine the best plan of action.

Should a repair be required, proactive repair scheduling and parts confirmation is initiated, all while the truck remains on the road. In addition, all stakeholders, from the driver to the designated customer contact to the dealership, are kept up to date through the ASIST service communications platform.

Mack GuardDog Connect also serves as the enabling technology for Mack Over The Air, which provides remote software and parameter updates directly to customers’ trucks. Working with Mack OneCall agents, the updates are scheduled for when it works best for the customer. Should a customer require frequent parameter updates, including changes to road speed limits, idle times, engine performance modes and more, a Mack Parameter Plus package is available that allows customers to make up to 50 parameter updates per truck, per 12-month period.

Mack Trucks Builds 100,000th Truck with GuardDog® Connect

Mack GuardDog Connect is standard on all Mack models equipped with Mack engines and monitors critical fault codes in Mack engines and aftertreatment systems, and Mack mDRIVE™ automated manual transmissions. Mack Over The Air is provided at no charge on GuardDog Connect-equipped vehicles during the initial two-year base engine warranty, with customers having the option to extend the service after two years.

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