Mack Trucks Recognized by Constellation Research

March 12, 2020


GREENSBORO, N.C. (March 12, 2020) – Mack Trucks today announced that John Walsh, Mack Trucks vice president of marketing, was named to Constellation Research’s 2020 AX50, an elite list of leaders from companies focused on innovation and transforming customer experiences. Mack and Walsh were recognized for the truck manufacturer’s work in customer experience and digital marketing.

“My name might be on the award, but more than anything, this recognition speaks to the commitment to continuous innovation reflected in the work being done throughout our organization, including by the Mack marketing team,” Walsh said. “Everything we do starts with the customer, ensuring we deliver the kinds of experiences they not only expect, but command and deserve.”

During a panel discussion at the event focused on “crafting the right amount of frictionless and friction-based experiences in defining, reinforcing and amplifying the brand,” Walsh cited an example from Mack’s introduction of its Anthem model in 2017, where, leading up to the launch, the company gated “tease” information about the new product by requiring at least an email address to access it. By intentionally introducing “friction” into the process – asking people to provide information about themselves in exchange for access to Anthem-related content – the company not only captured sales leads for marketing nurture campaigns, but also increased the odds that those who did engage were likely to be purchase decision makers or key influencers, including professional truck drivers.

Constellation Research is a technology and research firm based in the Silicon Valley. They deliver strategic guidance to companies seeking to transform their businesses through the early adoption of disruptive technology. The award was given during the recent Ambient Experience Summit in Atlanta.

Those on the Constellation Research 2020 AX50 list represent a selection of influential executives from a variety of industries. According to Constellation Research, the AX50 demonstrated how to effectively implement customer-centric strategies, disruptive business models and emerging technologies to help transform customer experiences, keep brand promises, activate movements, grow revenues and increase operational efficiency.

“Sustainable businesses put customers at the center of everything they do,” said Nicole France, vice president and principal analyst at Constellation Research. “Mack Trucks is an iconic brand, but its marketing team utilized different media, different channels to engage with customers, which is why John Walsh was recognized with a position on the AX50.”

Liz Miller, vice president and principal analyst at Constellation Research, poses with John Walsh, Mack Trucks vice president of marketing

Walsh, who’s been with Mack for 18 years, was named vice president of marketing in December 2011.

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